The 551 construction crew uses a manipulator to install the final sections of windows in Penthouse A. These massive panes of glass are up to 15 feet tall and 6 feet wide.


Framework for the luminous metal surrounds is being installed and will soon transform into perimeter seating, as seen in the sales gallery.


Mullion free crystal clear window panes dominate the majority of the building, bringing it closer to being fully enclosed. Installation of interior finishes, including stone, tile, and kitchen cabinetry, will commence in the spring.


The golden hours and hues of sunset light up the western sky, capturing the glazing of the windows already installed on the lower floors and reflected in the warm metal reveals of the windows.


Even before the exterior facade is complete, installation of major mechanical systems - plumbing, electrical, and HVAC - are well underway. Between these enormous concrete pillars there will be a vast wall of glass, meant for the future owner to take in the views from every direction in the building.


551 West 21st's construction team guide the pre-cast concrete panels of the exterior facade into their respective places. It will take over 200 tractor trailers full of these cast concrete panels, measuring up to thirty feet long, to complete the façade.


High above historic West Chelsea, construction workers prepare the building for installation of the pre-cast concrete facade and windows. Mullion-free windows meet seamlessly at the corners.


A construction crew pours concrete for the 17th floor. Dramatic Hudson River views dominate the background.